I have been given some Flag iris corms . could you please give me advice and how and where they should be planted.

My mandarin tree which usually provides us with lovely juicy fruit , has this year produced, only dry non juicy fruit. what has caused this and what is the cure ? please.

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Hi Maureen,

To plant Flag Iris, simply lay the corm on the soil and as the roots grow they will draw the corm down. You don’t even need to place soil on top of the corm!

With regards to your mandarins being dry, this is normally due to inconsistent watering during Feb, March and April. A lack of water during fruiting will result in dry fruit. If water is sparse, the tree will put all it’s energy into surviving (rather than producing delicious, juicy fruit!). Just be sure to water regularly over the warmer months and your fruit should be back to normal next fruiting season.

Thanks, the Palmers team

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