Hi there,
My frangipani plant got some kind of bug/ fungus problem over winter, (It was an indoor plant over winter and we keep it in a large pot) I then purchased an oil spray from Palmers Kelston to spray on it to kill it. Within 3 days all the leaves fell off and within a few weeks we noticed the main stems started to almost “rot” as in they got very soft and almost felt hollow? We were then told to cut them back about 1- 1.5 inches from where the stems had gone soft (which we have done).
I went to re-pot on last weekend and noticed again the plant looks like it is going hollow and soft further down from where we cut it again.. Please can you let me know how i can save our plant? Or what I can do to assist it in growing again? Many thanks

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Hi Debbie

Thanks for your question and sorry to hear your plant is not well. To help me guide you what to do next, can you please tell me the product name of what you sprayed on the plant? I am wondering if it is Neem oil that you have used, but need to be sure.

Looking forward to your reply

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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