Hi Team Palmers

I have grown from seed 4 Frangipani plants, in our sun room in Thorndon Wellington.
They are about 4yrs old.

However this year they have been struck, by there leaves turning uniformly yellow/brown.
On pulling off these diseased leaves, they again sprout with lovely new leaves, which eventually succumb
to the same fate.

I have tried various sprays, rose spray ect, with mixed results.

Help !
Please advise.

Kind regards

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Hi Gabrielle, you have done very well growing them from seed, would you like to grow a few for us (1000 would do!!). You could try the BioGro certified copper spray immediately as the leaves appear and repeat every 4 weeks ensuring you spray around the base of the plant as well. A regular feed of Ocean Organics Plant Tonic will also help keeping the plant healthy. In case you have replanted the Frangipani this year, ensure it is not getting too much water. In case it is insects that is causing the problem i.e. mites, “puff them with some Debug Diatomaceous Earth. Under stress they do tend to drop their leaves. Thanks, the Palmers team

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