My grafted Sweet 100 tomato has been affected on it’s topmost part by last night’s frost, in Rotorua. Should I cut the affected part off, and hope it sends out side shoots, or leave it and hope for the best?

  • Diana McArthur asked 2 years ago
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Hi Diana, The best thing to do is take off the damaged foliage. Prune or pinch the stems to the nearest undamaged point of the plant. Use clean secateurs to help prevent any disease. If you still have some healthy looking foliage it is likely that the frost damage hasn’t affected below the graft and your plant will live to see another day. We may still get a few frosty nights (hopefully not) so be sure to cover them with frost cloth or a cloche if the temperatures drop below 5 degrees.
Good luck 🙂

Thanks the Palmers Team

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