Hi team
I purchased one of your plum trees 3/4 months ago for around $22. After planting it seemed to shut down then started sprouting from the base. I removed the sprouts but now there is nothing to determine if it is alive or dead as absolutely no foliage is present?
Please could you advise me on what I could do to possibly revive my omega plum dream?
Thank you

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Hi Francie,

I am very sorry to hear about your plum tree.

There are quite a few different reasons plums do this, it could be a number of things such as watering inconsistencies, nutrient deficiencies, diseases or pests. It could have also been a bit of transplanting shock, especially if you planted the tree in summer.

First thing you will want to do is check if your plum is alive and doing well despite the lack of foliage. I would scrape a bit of bark of at the base with some sharp secateurs to determine if it is still green underneath the surface. If it is green you have a very much alive tree.

It is coming into the season where all plums will lose their foliage and go into dormancy for the winter so I doubt you will get any foliage come back until spring. This is actually great news as it will give the tree a chance to settle in and repair itself. Ensure it is receiving sufficient water through dry spells, and as we are coming into winter ensure the drainage in the soil is good. Adding compost, sheep pellets and even mulching will help the tree get the nutrients it needs. You can fertilise with a tree and shrub fert now but avoid fertilising in winter. Fertilise again at the very start of spring and with luck you will find some foliage start to appear.

Good Luck.

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