I have several fruit trees (2 * pear, 2 * apple), all planted in similar location (approx. 4 years).

1 Apple tree is perfect – healthy & fruiting
1 apple looks healthy, but no fruit
1 pear is overloaded with fruit but small and tree hasn’t grown much
1 pear has grown ok, but doesn’t look too healthy and no fruit.

What can I do? Appreciate your help. Regards

  • chris Johnstone asked 5 years ago
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Hi Chris, All of the trees, ensure they get a good spray off Free Flow Copper and Enspray Oil after pruning which will help prevent insect and fungal problems in spring, summer
Apple and pears fruit on spurs so ensure you keep this in mind when pruning them.
The Apple that had no fruit, possible might have been pruned incorrectly or is still young, or if it did flower, due to weather conditions might not got the fruit set you would normally get (very windy conditions, or late frost)
The Pear with lot of fruit if this happens again next year thing out the volume of fruit by removing some of the fruit when the fruit is clearly visible, Tree is putting all energy in fruit production rather than growth, by removing some fruit this will also help the tree get the balance right.
Pears do need pollinators possible this variety hasn’t got a “buddy” possible if a young tree it is too early as both apple and pears fruit on older wood you will need to allow up to 3 years before getting fruit

Any fruit tree would benefit from a good Mulch )i.e. Kolush Manuka Mulch) around the tree to ensure no weeds grow around the tree and provide ongoing nourishment

Thanks the Palmers Team

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