I have two fuschias growing in containers, the one is not doing well at all. It has now started to lose all of its leaves and flowers. They just drop off before opening. The leaves turn yellow and drop off. I thought that maybe I had over watered them. Could this be so. Can you please help me it how I can bring them back to life. 🙁

Thanks You


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Hi Alyson,

I have actually seen this quite often with Fuchsia, they do love water but they can get waterlogged pretty easily as well. You will want to ensure the water can drain away. Before watering stick your finger into the soil and see how dry it is underneath the top layer. If it is still wet do not water for that day.

You can boost your plant with a liquid feed such as Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic. Do this weekly to boost your plants health.

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