I have a small gardenia I bought from you. I fed it with special gardenia food from Kings.
I water it every day. It had loads of buds but they went black and fell off. It seems to be just shrivelling up and dying. It is in a good sized pot. I have tried putting it in full sun part sun and now it is in south facing shade.
It isn’t quite dead yet.
Any suggestions

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Hi Moira, Most likely a combination of two; Gardenia often have mite problems which stops the bud from developing. Try dusting with Debug Diatomaceous earth. Customers tend to give them too much water especially if pot size is of good size. When a Gardenia is in pot it has to be in a semi shady position as they hate having the soil temperature changing Hot sun/ cold water (not easy bringing back to “life” a Gardenia in a pot once it is not looking so good). Thanks the Palmers Team

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