Dear Palmers
We are from Nelson Park School and want to know what flowers would be best to grow in this garden. Our names are Pippa and Ruby and the flowers that we like are Fuchsias and Lilys.
Please reply soon.

Our garden is 1m x 8m

From Pippa and Ruby

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Hi Pippa and Ruby
What a great idea to have your own garden, If you like Fuchsias and Lilys then definitely you would want to include these into your planting. The best idea to learn about how and what plants grow well is to try things out, nothing is out of the question.
Couple of things to keep in mind, most plants like a reasonably good soil, so if this is not the case with your garden, get someone to help and add some good compost or garden mix to make it a bit better.
If you have some good soil then I would do a mixture of sowing some seeds, grow some of your favourite vegetables! Some herbs and some lovely colour, they can all be mixed together. You can easily grow some veges with some colourful plants to make it look pretty as well as grow some vegetables. Gardening is all about trying things out, so go for it. Thanks the Palmers Team

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