I am starting to think of christmas presents and always get stuck on what to get my dad. Anything he wants, he buys for himself. He LOVES gardening, so i thought getting him a plant could be cool.

He has heaps of ferns and palms, so i was wondering what you could suggest? Something that doesn’t grow into a ‘tree’.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Living gifts are the best kind of gift! Some suggestions that your dad might like are:

  • Michelia Free Spirit, this is a very popular plant with rave reviews from people who have grown it. It was unavailable for a couple of years but is now back in stock.
  • It’s also gardenia planting time
  • Potato Tom – if you’re quick you may be able to pick one of these up from your local Palmers store, there are limited numbers. If you’re dad likes vege gardening he may find this a bit of fun. It grows potatoes below ground and tomatoes above ground all on one plant!
  • If your dad like fruiting plants, there are a great range of fruit trees in store like blueberries and feijoas, including the feijoa Bambina a great dwarf variety.
  • A pot to plant up himself might be a good idea too. Palmers has a huge range of fantastic pots in store

If none of these are helpful then maybe a trip to your local Palmers store will draw some inspiration. The friendly staff there will have loads of great advice on specific plants for your area too. Good luck!

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