Hello, we planted two separate grapes earlier this year but one plant has developed brown ‘spots’ on its leaves. Can you please tell me why this would be and what we need to use to treat it. Thanks you. Maxine

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Hi Maxine,

The brown spot/ black spot on one of your grapes is a fungal disease and can be easily fixed so don’t worry, we can sort this out!

The best method of control is to spray with a fungicide. You can pick up a ready to use bottle called Yates Fungus gun, Make sure you spray all the foliage as best you can including the back of the leaves. Another alternative is using a liquid copper spray- follow the directions on the bottle.

For prevention of fungal diseases keep the area clean of old leaves and clippings. Prune the vine in winter to improve air circulation and for the sunlight to get through and try to avoid overhead watering.

Thank you, good luck with your grapes!

The Palmers Team

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