We have a hedge of griselinias that we planted about 3 years ago. Each year we are loosing a few which is a concern now as they are getting nice and big, therefore hard to replace. The leaves on a branch start Turing brown, then all of the other branches on that tree follow suit and turn brown until the tree looks dried up and dead (I am assuming they will not come back in spring by gem selves??).

They are planted on a slope, weed matted and a thin layer of mulch. The solid is a mixed bag of soil/clay. I put general fertiliser on them a few times a year and Epsom salts.

We have been told this may be due to them getting to dry in summer, and then when they start to get wet in winter, this could be causing it. Could this be right? If so, would you recommend irrigation for summer months?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jenny

Yes this is exactly the problem. When the plants suffer from drought they will turn brown and die. The condition is called die back. With new plants, keep them watered but not soaking wet.

Happy Gardening

Maria – Palmers Garden Consultant

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