I arrived back from a long overseas trip to find that, because of the mild winter in Wellington, my 4 chili plants from last summer were still green and alive, although all the leaves had died back.

I had a look on the internet and found lots of examples of people growing these plants over several seasons, usually by putting them indoors over the winter.

I’m keen to keep them going, and expected they would put out some leaves once the weather warmed up, but no sign of this yet. I gave them a light trim a couple of months ago to get rid of dead leaves etc. – should I cut them back hard to stimulate some spring growth?


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Hi Jane, Capsicums are classified as perennials so yes they can and do survive for 2-3 years
If new growth is appearing yes you can prune it relatively hard (not too hard) and then yes new growth will take over again (maybe add some liquid organic fertiliser). Thanks the Palmers Team

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