Can i plant garlic bulbs now? As for preparation,i have put in garden lime ( several weeks now and turned them over so it is all nicely mixed as the soil is little clay which I wanted to break down. Have also added blood and bone and general garden fertilizer as well as rooster booster some weeks ago.Thanks very much

  • Rameshwar Dutt asked 1 year ago
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Hi Rameshwar,

Most people like to plant garlic on the shortest day of the year but you can plant earlier if you would like, I would recommend at least holding off on your planting until mid May.

The most essential thing about planting garlic is making sure the soil is loose and light. Compost can also help this process quite a bit The fertilising of your garden is great, you will have to top up again in spring. Later in the season when the plants start to produce bulbs you will want to switch fertilisers to something that is not so nitrogen rich and something that benefits the bulb.

Good Luck, I love growing garlic, it is so rewarding.

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