Hi, I have saved some seed from the delicious king sweetie peppers and thought I might try and grow some……which is the best way and time to do this. Thanks….

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Hi Judy,

The best time to propagate peppers is early spring though you can continue to propagate them until late summer. They are warm loving plants and do not like the cooler months of the year and frost will kill them.

They are best grown indoors or in a green house and then transplanted into the garden. Grow them in trays or punnets and do not plant them too deep, they are small seeds so the general rule is plant double the size of the seed. You will only need a sprinkling of soil on the top. Water them well and then keep the soil moist.

The plants are best planted out around labour day weekend, when most frosts have past, be aware there may be some late frosts and the plants may need protection if this happens. Keep an eye on the weather. They will need to be in a full sun position.

Store the seed in a cool, dry place. Paper bags are very useful.

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