I’m an experienced vegetable gardener & usually can grow anything well. However I’ve hit a brick wall trying to grow snow or snap peas! I’ve tri d seed & seedlings with same result.
They’re in a sunny spot against a fence, with netting support, should they ever get high enough!
I dug in some well rotted mature compost underneath, cover with netting to protect against birds, just in case they are the culprits. But I cannot get peas to grow beyond about 6″ high. My last effort is with Organic seedlings, which after a month are smaller than when I planted them. They look sickly, sort of shrivelled….Grrrrr.
Any ideas?

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HI Barb, Possibly you have a phytophthora in your soil which effects the root system, try drenching with Trichodrema Granular root mate, or Root protect aliette

Thanks the Palmers Team

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