I have strawberries growing in tubs and to date I have lovely healthy leaves but no flowers yet. Also plenty of runners forming. Should I leave the runners or cut them off which is what I have been doing. These plants are this seasons ones. I thought I would have had strawberries by January.

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Hi Jenny,

If you have been feeding the strawberries with fertiliser that is nitrogen rich I would suggest holding back as it may be putting more energy into producing foliage. Feed with a strawberry fertiliser instead to get the flowers and fruit to start to produce.

Keep a good watering schedule as tubs tend to dry out a bit faster than in the ground. Having other flowers around the garden can help bring bees to the yard to help pollinate the strawberries, although they are self-fertile bees and other pollinators can help the process.

I would suggest cutting off the runners as they are in the first year. This will help it put energy into fruit production.

The Palmers Team

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