Hi there. We have a glasshouse 4mx4m and keen to grow vegetables. We have begun with a autopot system with tomatoes , aubergines and lebanese cucumbers. The tomatoes are fruiting well but despite lots of flowers the cucmbers and aubergines are not pollinating to fruit.
I am beginning to realise that I need help about what to grow and how to grow and pollinate – which plants are self pollinators and which seeds to buy
I really would like this to be a productive space throughout the year
Can you help with advice or know of any resources that might help me

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Hi David, A lot is about trial and error as with a glasshouse you can grow products out of season depending on where the glasshouse is and how much light it gets during these shoulder seasons. Pollinating can be a problem, to help with this manual pollinating will help (a little brush) as even self-pollinating plants will need some air movement to ensure pollinating. Planting other flowering plants (marigolds for eg) can also help attracting the bees, ensuring as often as possible the glasshouse is open to get the bees coming inside.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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