When is the best time to hang a guava moth trap in my citrus trees, and my feijoa trees. Will one trap suffice for the three citrus trees planted adjacent to each other and the same with the closely planted feijoas? Is it once a year?

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Hi Linda,

Unlike the codling moth, the guava moth breeds all year round and has a wider range of fruit they infest so the earlier you can get your trap up before fruiting the better for your fruit.

The traps are used as a method of controlling small infestations but can also be used as a tool for monitoring your trees to see what the level of infestation is like.

If you catch lots of moths on your traps, you will likely need to spray as well to rid yourself of these pests.

Neem oil can be sprayed at 7-day intervals until there are no more or minimal moths caught in the trap. Yates Success Ultra can also be used to kill the newly hatched caterpillars.

It depends on the size of the infestation as to how many traps to place. I would recommend just planting the one per group of trees for now just to monitor the numbers of moths and then go from there.

Good luck, these insects can be a pain, but with a good monitoring system and spray routine it can be controlled.

The Palmers Team

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