I grew G.Gypsy White from seed this summer. As a $4 packet of just 15 seeds produced only five plants I was keen to save seed for next year. Now the plants have turned brown I investigated if there were any seeds and found hundreds of tiny thread-like seedlings underneath the plant. I am wondering what my chances are of overwintering them and how to go about it – I don’t have a greenhouse.

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Hi Carol,

Gypsophila loves the warmth as I am sure you are well aware so winter is not an ideal time.

If you do want to try and save these little seedlings my advice would be to place them in a warm environment, even inside your home if you do not have a greenhouse. If you don’t have an ideal spot inside the home you will need somewhere sheltered, free from frost and wind for your best shot. Mulch once the plants have grown a wee bit bigger to try and keep the warmth in. A smaller container/ pot would be best as it will help keep the warmth in.

Be sure to move the plants out from time to time on a warm day for aeration.

Good luck, not the easiest task but I salute you for your efforts. Experimentation often reaps rewards. 🙂

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