Hi, my Hebe Emerald Green in the front yard were doing really well for about 9 months, but now they are slowly turning brown and dying. Additional watering and fertilising didn’t seem to help at all. Is there anything I can do to save them or bring them back to life?


  • Oliver Krollmann asked 4 years ago
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Hi Oliver, that’s a shame! It’s hard to advise on why this is happening as there are many possibilities as to why they are going backwards Possibly dig out the worst one and have a good look at the root system, quite often that gives a good indication to what is going on. We would imagine coming out of summer potentially it has got something to do with watering. We recommend giving them a good deep soaking (slowly but over a long period of time), then water them with an organic fertiliser (Garden Booster, Biofeed or Seaweed Tonic), repeat this every 3-4 weeks and give them a light trim and hopefully they respond to this (good time of the year to do all this). Thanks, the Palmers team

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