Hello, i would like some advice on what plants to buy for a boundary hedge. The soil can get quite damp in winter, but not all year around. We are thinking of the lilly pilly or michelia figo or similar.
Do you have any recommendations for us?
We live in Paparoa, Northland.
Emma Hodges

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Hi Emma,

If your soil is damp in winter but relatively rich and free-draining I wouldn’t be overly concerned. If it is not waterlogged year round it shouldn’t be a problem to plant out a hedge.

If it is a clay based soil and does not have good drainage the best approach is to take steps to amend the soil such as adding Gypsum to break up the soil and organic matter such as manures and compost to help break down the clay.

Planting deciduous trees in damp areas is a good idea as the sun will come through in winter and help dry out the soil. Some planting options for damp sites are Alnus and Carpinus betulus, they both make great screens and hedges. Alternatively you could plant Phormium tenax and have a screen of flaxes. Cornus (dogwood) is also suitable for wet sites.

Michelia figo and Lily Pilly will both be great options if the soil has good drainage. Camellias may also be a good option for you but all of these trees prefer not to have wet feet.

Good luck

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