Hi, last year my lemon tree only produced a few lemons.
I have noticed that there are small black and white spots on the leaves.
Have I neglected it? or is it salvageable.

Also what can I use to bring it back to life.
My second question is how do you treat plum trees. I have two that produce lovely plums but I don’t really know how to take care of it.

Thank you

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Hi Colleen

Thanks for your question. Your lemon tree could be suffering from Sooty Mould. You may wish to post a photo of your plants leaves to us to identify further. If it is Sooty Mould you would need to treat for the sucking insects (usually whitefly and aphids) that are leaving their sticky sweet deposits which will mould and cause the black spots. Kiwicare SUPER SPECTRUM and SPECTRUM are combination fungicides and insecticides that work well to control moulds and sap sucking insects. Use SUPER SPECTRUM to cure infection and infestation and SPECTRUM as a preventative.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers garden consultant

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