Hi there,
I absolutely LOVE the Lisianthus plants so I recently bought three as pot plants. So far in lost one, one is barely hanging on there and the other isn’t much better either. A friend suggested that it may be aphids causing the problem so I used a broad spectrum aphid treatment but I’m afraid that may have been the final straw for the first one as it died shortly after.
The leaves are all turning yellow and very droopey and while it does appear that some of the leaves are being eaten, I can only see a few little white specks, they are hardly infested.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as these plants do mean alot to me.

Many thanks

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Hi Judith, it most likely will be a fungal disease. Unfortunately lisianthus are known to suffer from a root fungal disease, which presents itself as leaves turning yellow and the plant collapsing (dying). They would need to be kept relatively dry from now on, but sadly there is really nothing you can do about this apart from expensive sprays with little chance of success. And by the description of yours they might well be past recovery (any insect infestation will be secondary and not the reason for the plants to be dying). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
Thanks, the Palmers team

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