We have 4 small lawn areas in our garden and we would like some advice on how to manage them as they are full of weeds and moss, and even mushrooms in wet weather.

With the largest area at the back we started from scratch with it 2 years ago after levelling it and putting lots of soil on it after landscaping. We sowed grass seeds and it was good for a while but we have not maintained it well and so it is now more weeds than grass.

Presently we are mowing it about once a week but its a bit depressing to just be mowing weeds.

I’m thinking we need to get some professionals in to overhaul it and give us a starting point but I’m not sure what the best time of year for that would be and I’m sure it’s expensive. Any advice gratefully received!


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Hi Kathryn

Thanks for your question. Yes it can be tricky if that initial maintenance has not happened, however you can restore it. Begin by scarifying your lawn with a course rake then apply weed and feed now to attack what you can. In September next year fertilise your lawn with a lawn fertiliser and then three weeks later apply weed and feed. three weeks after this (End of October) lay more lawn seed and keep it well watered every morning and both morn and night if hot and dry. Cut the lawn on it’s highest setting when the green lawn is 3cm high. This tickling of the top of the blades will cause the thatch to thicken out. Cut in a different direction every two weeks on the highest setting and be careful in Summer not to cut the lawn to short.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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