Kia Ora guys,
Hey I’ve been making good use of all my dry hydrangea heads as mulch on all my garden beds & wanted to know if kawa kawa leafs are good to use too, although I assume they’d need to be mixed in with a lot of other dry matter & texture to keep them from just rotting into a garden mat!??
Are there any plants that are not good to use as mulch?
I make my own by crushing dry leafs, ripping news paper, shredding dry aggy stalks, cutting up ponga foliage etc etc.
I try to aim for a general balance of green & brown, then add an extra bucket of news paper strips.
Any advice or tips?

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Hi Jesi, this would be a very good example of you to make compost, you are doing everything right! Basically anything organic, lots of variety, and not a lot of just one/two things is the best way to go. Two tips:
1) Do not use oak leaves as they are poisonous (especially in volume)
2) All your current contents are quite dry, you might need to add some moisture to speed up the composting cycle (just add some water)
Thanks, the Palmers team

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