We have green moss growing in our hot house soil , what is the best way to get rid of it please. Also plastic sides
is going green on the out side, do we just clean that with a brush and hose off. Thanks Margaret.

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Hi Margaret,

This is quite common in hothouses, especially around this time of year when there is lots of moisture in the air. Moss is often present when there is poor drainage or high humidity.

A few options for you would be to aerate the house during the day and cut down on watering levels. Plants do not require as much water during autumn and winter.

Cutting back the moisture levels and letting it dry out a bit should kill the moss but if you want something to control it a bit faster you can purchase a product called Kiwicare Lawnpro Mossclear.

As for the green on the sides of the house, the best thing for that, as you have stated is a good wash off.

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