How do you get rid of the little tiny flies from pot plants

do you sell anything that I can add to the soil ?

thanks Bev

  • Beverley Young asked 1 year ago
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Hi Bev,

These tiny little flies on the surface of the soil are called fungus gnats.

Some solutions can be to cut down on the watering as well as not having the plants sit in saucers of water. Let the top layer of soil down to a few cm’s dry out before watering as the flies will not be as attracted to the soil.

There is a product you can buy called Kiwicare Gro-sure Houseplant Insect Control Spray that you can use that will help with this problem, other options can be to add some neem granuales to the soil.

Cutting down on the watering will be the major correction to make at this time of year, plants can go for a longer time without watering.

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