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Hi Barbara,

Pests in glasshouses and greenhouses can be a big problem as the pests love the warmth and humidity that these places provide.

A few options to help you control the whitefly would be:

  • Make sure there are limited gapes in the glasshouse so the bugs can not get in.
  • Place insect mesh on the open windows.
  • Keep good hygiene within the glasshouse, get rid of any dead plant material.
  • Be vigilant- monitor the problem so it does not get out of control, use monitoring traps. This can help at the start of the growing season so the house does not get overrun with pests.
  • New plants need to be thoroughly checked for insects before being admitted to the glasshouse.

It may be beneficial over winter to chill the glasshouse, let all the cold air in and kill the bugs and eggs.

To control the problem for now I would recommend a product called Grosafe Enspray 99 Spraying oil or similar product. Spray only in the evening, especially since it is in a glasshouse, you want to avoid leaf burn. Spray all your plants, all over, especially underneath the foliage. Repeat the process if needed in a few weeks.

Good Luck

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