I bought this Button Bush couple month back from Palmers Rotorua, and I grew it in the pot approx size 5×5 and now starting to look yellowish-not greenish color. What should I do to help this plant back to normal?

As well as for my Boronia, same case. Appreciate if you could give me some advice for it.

Thank you.

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Hi Angela,

To care for Berzelia lanuginosa, the soil is best kept moist but make sure any excess water can drain away. It can either grow in part shade or full sun but it does best in a position that is not getting too warm so moving it to a part shade position may help it through our summer.

Deadheading and pruning the plant after flowering can help keep the plant in shape. Feed with a liquid feed such as Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic once a week to help keep those yellowing leaves away.

Boronias can also benefit from a dappled shade or part shade location. Protect them from strong winds and keep the soil moist at all times with good drainage. Mulching can help with keeping the soil moist. Trimming and deadheading also help keep Boronias in shape and feeding with a liquid fertiliser will help keep the plants healthy.

All the best. 🙂

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