Hi I have three hydrangeas in pots and have them inside. Maybe this is not a good idea but they look good where I have got them. They are not looking there best with brown leaves and leaves falling off. Maybe I have watered them too much or maybe they don’t like being inside. Help please. Jan

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Hi Jan,

It is not ideal to keep Hydrangeas inside for a long period of time. You may get away with it for now, especially while it is in its growth stage and blooming and looking fantastic! but they do require a period of dormancy in winter that is bought on by our colder weather. Hydrangeas are also prone to drying out very quickly indoors as our houses can warm up very quickly in summer.

My advice would be if you want to keep the Hydrangea inside while it is in full bloom as I am sure it makes quite the statement. Place it in a cooler room within the house but also so it gets a decent amount of sunlight. Do not let it dry out but also don’t let it sit in a saucer of water. Make sure the water can drain away after watering. The leaves turning brown and falling off to me indicates a watering issue so either it is not being drained away or perhaps not being watered enough.

Feeding regularly with a liquid fertiliser may help give it a boost of nutrients whilst it is indoors.

The Palmers Team

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