I received a strawberries and cream hydrangea for Christmas. I have potted it with in an appropriate sized pot and it doesn’t seem to be taking off. It is planted in ‘tui’ mix and is watered every second day. The leaves are dark red on the tips and spots on the stems. The flowers are drooping and discolours. on them and the flowers are wilting. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t want to have killed my first plant 🙁

Thank you!

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Hi Jess, most likely you are giving the plant too much water, although this depends on the size of the pot.
Spots on the stem are okay and nothing to worry about. Not sure about the dark red on the tips but this is possibly a sign of too much water.
If the flowers are drooping, wilting and discolouring it is most likely signs of a flower that has finished flowering.
In this case cut off these flowers to the nearest nodule and this will encourage new growth. Hydrangea are pretty hard to kill so there is hope! Only water the plant when it needs watering and new growth should appear. Thanks, the Palmers team

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