My hydrangeas will not flower.I pruned them at the right time and maybe gave them too much fertilizer.They are the mop top variety.Is there a special way to prune them because if I don’t, they will be reaching the top of the house next year if I don’t.

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Hi Alison,

Mop top Hydrangeas bloom on old wood (the stem that produced flowers the previous year)so if you pruned them this year there is a chance you may have pruned off all the stems that were about to produce flowers.

You can leave them all together now and they will produce flowers next year but if you want to reduce their height which it sounds like you do, you may have to forego some of the flowers for a season.

The best time to prune your Hydrangeas is late winter or even early spring in case there are any late frosts which might affect the buds.

  • Prune back any damaged or dead stems (right back to the base)
  • Prune any weak or spindly growth (right back to the base)
  • Cut out any branches that crossover
  • The remaining stems – Choose how big you would like your plant to get and then prune back to where you can see two big buds together on a stem, these will be flower buds and will produce flowers. If there is none prune back to the single smaller leaf bud. These will not produce flowers this season.

A helpful link for you

I wish you many blooms in the years to come.

The Palmers Team

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