How do I get my ice plant to flower? I’ve had it a few years & it’s only flowered in its first year. It looks healthy & I fertilize it.

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Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear your ice plant isn’t blooming. Ice plants do best in full sun in soil that is free draining. Watering weekly will be beneficial through summer.

I’m not sure what fertiliser you are using but this could be the issue. The plant could be getting too much nitrogen, meaning that it is putting on a brilliant show of green leaves but absolutely no flowers.

I would recommend stopping fertilising and instead, try giving the plant a flower boosting fertiliser such as Thrive flower and Fruit. This and fertilisers like this are high in potassium which promotes strong flowering. It mixes into a liquid and you can apply through a watering can or another watering container.

I hope you get some flowers soon 🙂

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