Hi, my neighbour’s Japanese honeysuckle continuously grows through our fence. While the flowers smell amazing, I understand this to be an invasive weed.
Should I be trying to eradicate it or can I encourage it to climb along the fence?

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Hi Gretchen

Thanks for your question. Yes in New Zealand this particular Honeysuckle is considered an invasive weed as it grows so quickly to choke other growing plants and natives. However it is not a species that the council will aid with financial support to eradicate. It is suggested that personal control or removal is taken place. If you and your neighbour were to remove it I suggest cutting the plant right back (don’t try to home compost the waste) then allow new leaves to shoot. This more manageable sized plant will be easier to poison with a product called organic weed control from Kiwicare.

Happy gardening

Maria Palmers national garden consultant

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