I am trying to get advice on herbicides.

I am a landscape architect and have a 10m x 10m area of bare ground with lots of Wild Turnip (and Fumitory) seedlings appearing. There are obviously lots of seeds in the soil. Disturbance simply gets more to grow, as you no doubt know.

I am keen to kill the ones that are currently emerging and soon after spraying them adding about 25mm of seedling-friendly soil mix and then adding lots of perennial and annual garden seeds to this soil in an effort to out-pace the weed seed growth. Can’t think of a better way to do it. I do not want to buy the quantity of potted plants needed to shade out the ground. Too expensive in this case.

So, what I would like to know is who do I ask about which herbicides will do this job? I have looked online about Roundup and it is suggested that weed seedlings need to be 4 leaf stage or more for it to be effective. I’d like to hit all of the emergent weeds, including those just coming up out of the ground. The largest is only 10cm across.

Do you know about this sort of thing? Who else would I ask to get good advice?



  • Peter Connolly asked 6 years ago
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Hi Peter, Any general herbicide available (predominantly Glyphosate based) will work best when you have the 4 leaf stage. Commercially you can buy pre emerge weed killer that forms a barrier and kills weed seeds as they germinate. You would need to go farm outlets (RD 1 Hort centre) to get further advice. In retail there are long lasting herbicides but they leave behind a residue in varying degrees, not something I would recommend in general garden use. Thanks the Palmers Team

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