I have a garden between our driveway and the house, it faces the west and doesn’t get morning sun. I would like to plant it with lavender, will it be suitable and if so which lavender would you recommend. The garden is about 14m long and about 800 wide, and I want to fill it with lavender.

Could you tell me how many plants I would need, and how much they are.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks Julie

  • Julie Horsburgh asked 3 years ago
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Hi Julie,

Lavenders are a warmth loving and sun loving plant. If the garden is at least receiving 6+ hours of sun you may get away with having lavender in that position. Enrich the soil with organic matter and compost and ensure that it is free draining. Lavender will not withstand having wet feet.

I would recommend going for one of the English varieties of Lavender which are the Angustafolia varieties. They are a more compact variety and can cope with a bit more humidity and winter moisture. I would recommend placing them between 50- 70cm apart. Please get in touch with one of your local Garden Centers to find out the current price and availability.

Thank you

The Palmers Team

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