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I was recently volunteering at a school with an organic farm in rural Nepal, and they had noticed some leaf discoloration on their potato plants. Unfortunately I cannot upload the photos I have of the leaves, but they had white tips (I think from memory this white colour could be rubbed off but not sure), the white then turned to yellow further from the tip, then the majority of the leaf looked healthy and green. Some leaves also had spots of white further from the tips. This was all on the upper sides of the leaves.

The gardens are close to a river, and mostly likely used to be a part of the river as there are many large stones and rocks in the earth before it is dug up. The soil is very clay-y, but they have a very prolific vege garden growing.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated so I can relay the information to them. The garden is used to educate and feed the school children.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Kate

This is such a lovely question. How exciting you were helping over in a country with their gardening.

I would suggest the white tips if they were able to be wiped off sound fungal. I am not familiar with the fungal diseases in such an area, or their climate at this time of year. I am also not sure what treatments they would have available in Nepal. If it were New Zealand I would treat with Neem oil which covers insect and fungal problems.

They may be able to seek some local help as well if you ask if they have access to this organic solution.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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