Good Afternoon,

Over the last 6 – 12 months my lemon tree which was a thriving bushy green tree with lots of lemons has become a very sad looking tree. A lot of the branches are brown, have stripped their greenery and there hasn’t been any new growth for a long time. The leaves are yellow

I have used Epsom salts, sheep pellets and seasol with no impact. There was a lots of avids and bugs on the tree 12 months ago and so I gave it a dose of conqueror oil.

I did dig down to the roots and they appeared wet so I pulled back the soil and let it dry out.

Next to the lemon tree is a lime tree and that is large, bushy, green and growing really well. A few branches stripped their greenery but it is growing back

What do you suggest for the lemon tree – will it ever recover? Does it need to be pruned?

Many Thanks,

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Hi James,

When a lemon tree’s leaves turn yellow and fall off and the branches start to brown it is usually because it is being over watered or has become waterlogged. With some of this spring weather we have been receiving- loads of rain! I’m not surprised.

The tree may have developed root rot. The best things to do for the citrus tree is:

  • Keep the soil as dry as possible.
  • Do not do any extra watering at the moment, unless the soil becomes dry again.
  • Pull back the soil to help it dry out as you have stated you have already done.

You can prune back the damaged brown branches as pruning any dead or dying plant material will always help the process of bringing the tree back to life. Hopefully summer will soon be with us and will help the process along.

Try improving the drainage in the soil by adding compost and manures or by planting it in a raised bed. Citrus really do hate having wet feet.

Good luck, I hope the tree makes it.

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