Hi, can you please advise if I should trim long shooting branches to the size if the rest of the tree. My lemon tree has a couple of long reaching young branches and the rest of the branches are all about the same smaller size, it’s like I have 2 rogue branches!

  • Betty Babot asked 1 year ago
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Hi Betty,

If the branches are coming from the base of the plant or quite low, they may be coming from the root stock, if your tree is a grafted tree ( a lot of lemons tend to be grafted). I would cut them right off at the base as they are absolutely no good for the tree.

If they are not coming from the base and are just some really quick growing branches, I personally would prune them to the same shape as the rest of the tree. This will be aesthetically pleasing to you and will cause no issues what so ever, you will still get lemons 🙂

All the best.

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