We have a lemon tree that is growing in size and occasionly has flowers but only 1 lemon in 18 months.

  • Annette Sands asked 1 year ago
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Hi Annette,

There are a few different reasons a citrus tree does not set fruit.

Age, lack of sunlight, lack of pollination, watering and nutrition can all affect the flowering and fruiting of a lemon tree.

Ensure the tree is in full sun. If it is in in full sun but has growing large and bushy it may needed to be pruned to let light through the tree.Feed with a citrus fertiliser in the growing months and especially when the tree starts to set flowers. Ensure the tree gets plenty of water throughout this time. increasing ornamental flowers that attract bees and other pollinates will help encourage your flowers to be pollinated.

Sometimes it can take a few years for the tree to settle in and start to produce fruit so following all these steps should help.

I hope you get some lemons soon.

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