When we first got our lime we grew it in a large pot and got a few lines off it. As time went by it got quite large so we planted it in the garden. No limes since. What would you recommend. Cut the tree out and start again and keep in a pot. Or cut this one back and repot and hope for the best.

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Hi Glenda,

I would leave the lime tree where it is, if it has had the chance to set the roots in the ground, the tree will do better in the ground then in a pot. It has much more space and should benefit from being in the ground. The harvest time for limes is usually in the winter months.

Feeding with a citrus fertiliser can help give the plant the nutrients it needs to produce fruit.Citrus are heavy feeders so they need quite a bit of fertiliser through the growing season and when they are producing fruit. Ensure the tree has plenty of water through summer and long dry spells and especially when the tree flowers and begins to set fruit. Growing ornamentals near by can encourage bees to your garden to help pollinate the flowers.

Prune the tree to let more sunlight in. Citrus need to have lots of sun to produce fruit.

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