Hi I have a Lonicera hedge and every year some parts of the hedge start dying going brown I water in summer it’s a very established hedge in fact some of its gone brown and is dying now
Is there anything I can do?
Hope u can help me with this problem cause I live my hedge
Cheers Kev?

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Hi Kevin,
Lonicera do have a limited lifespan and it is reasonably common for the “odd” plant to die, and stress (lack of or too much water) can speed this up, so have a look at what could be causing this. With hedges, because they get cut often it is about keeping the fertilisers up to create that new growth, so maybe look at using a good slow release fertiliser (like Nova Tec) or a regular organic fertiliser (seaweed, fish fertiliser or compost tea).
Thanks, the Palmers team

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