I’m looking at doing a flower bed but am at a lost of what kind of flowers I can plant. The area doesn’t get much sun and slightly damp, can you please recommend low maintenance flower plants that would be able to grow in an area that doesn’t get much sun (probably no sun at all in winter)?

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Hi Teresa

Thanks for your question. You are in luck as there are plenty of flowering plants you can use to brighten up your area that is damp and in shade.


Hosta – Has flowers as well and variety of coloured foliage dies down in winter
Arthropodium – foliage evergreen. Flowers white
Ajuga – foliage green or bronze. Flowers pink or blue
Helleborus – foliage green evergreen. Flowers pink, white or lime green
Japanese anemone – foliage evergreen. Flowers pink, white, cerise
Daylily – large variety of colour

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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