Hi, very disappointed so hope someone can help?

My vege garden was full of oxalis. Growing vegetables was laying down weed mat, making a hole and waiting to see if the plant or the weed won!

Spring before last I hand dug and burrowed very scrap of dirt out. I laid down plastic sheeting and then built a raised garden.

Now what I think is the problem. From neighbour over the back I managed too get all the old horse manure I needed.It had been composting for over 6 years. No smell and like a fine dirt.

That summer we had the best vege garden ever. This year we cant get anything to grow.The only thing that loves the garden soil this year in rhubarb.

Have now done a lot of reading and have now checked the Ph using swimming pool strips. It is very very low.

I understand I need to apply lime which takes ages to work.

Any suggestions on how I can get the ph back up.

Thanks Mark

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Hi Mark, If the Ph level is to low this is easily fixed by applying normal garden lime. One note of caution any organic manure like cow manure has a very limited lifespan and I would suggest you add a garden mix as well as general fertilisers (either organic or other balanced fertilsiers). Thanks the Palmers Team

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