Hi, a family friend passed away & I’m looking 4 info on relevant native trees to give as a tribute/gift. I know that flax is symbolic of family and the pohutakawa in the far north is the gateway to the underworld but neither quite fit. Any ideas?

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Hi Paul

I am sorry for your loss at this time. You are right on the money with both of your choices here that you have suggested for what sybolises family and status but if those are not the type of trees you were looking for then how about Kowhai which for Maori has been long esteemed as the welcome of Spring. Kowhai were found typically in old Pa sites and the bark was used medicinally. The bright yellow flowers can symbolise the light of the sun and not only feed the Tui but also support the bees. Another option may be Beech trees are said to represent tolerance, patience and lightness of spirit.

Feel free to give me an idea of location for the trees so i can help with planting or other tree/shrub suggestions.

I hope this gives some ideas of what you may find helpful

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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