Every night this week my marigolds that are supposed to protect my vegetables are being broken off at the base. One by one they go. I can’t keep up with replanting and I can’t figure out what insect is doing it.
The stem has a little hole or two and is cracked and damaged. It is only damaged in the first inch above the ground. The rest of the plant is fine, but it can’t live on with a broken trunk. I am running out of plants and it took me months to grow them from seed. After all my effort and time I fear I will have nothing to show for it. Please help me figure this out. I took pictures.

  • Toni Watson asked 1 year ago
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Hi Toni, This will most likely be that birds are picking at them (black birds), they like nice soft stems (and flowers) or snails and slugs but you should be able to see some evidence of this.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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