Hi there,
This may seem like a very strange question but the last 2 summers the sparrows have demolished my marigold flowers as they are opening.
I have observed them doing it & needless to say have not been at all happy with this outrageous behaviour.
Many times I have gone outside to find a collection of marigold petals on the ground & a sad looking marigold flower, with just the outer green part left.
Any ideas about this?
I would be fascinated to know.
I don’t believe they are sourcing bugs/insects inside the opening flowers.
Would be very interested in hearing from you

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Hi Lynne, the little sparrows will be attracted to the fresh buds. Like they do with fresh lettuce leaves etc. You could try feeding them bird food to discourage them from eating your flowers. Otherwise the old way of tinsel or tinfoil around the plant to try to scare them away. Thanks, the Palmers team

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