I’ve discovered my string of pearls has mealy bugs! After some research online, I first treated it with a spray of water, dish soap and crushed garlic. It seemed to get rid of some bugs but not all. I have also read that repotting a plant with mealy bugs is a good idea, but because string of pearls is so delicate, I am worried I will damage it even more.

What should I do! Would an insecticide be best, and which one should I use?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Charlotte,

I would recommend placing your string of pearls in quarantine if you have any other plants that may be affected.

A good new product on the market is Kiwicare Gro-sure Houseplant Insect Control Spray. Spray the entire plant and then repeat if needed in a few weeks.

This should solve the problem.

Re-pooting may help your plant if it has been potted in the same soil for a long time, the soil could be depleted of nutrients. Feeding your plant with a liquid fertiliser such as Gro-Sure Houseplant mist n feed or another liquid fertiliser will help the plant stay healthy and to prevent such bugs in future.

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