Hi. I have just Lost a beloved Family member. What would be the easiest to care for Indoor Plant, or Indoor Tree, Preferrably,if there is one, to represent eternal Love for my Loved One? I have a habit of killing plants with Kindness, overwatering etc..



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Hi Tracey,

I am sorry for your loss. Plants are such a good way to remember our loved ones.

The first thing that came to mind for me was a Peace Lilly. It is stunning with the lush green foliage and beautiful white flowers that symbolise peace and it will symbolise that your beloved family member is at peace now.

Peace lilies are very easy to care for. They do best in bright but indirect light. They like to be kept moist, with good drainage. If they do dry out they will soon let you know as there leaves will droop. Once they have had a drink they soon spring back. The peace lily is an extremely resilient plant.

Orchids symbolise love and friendship so this could be another option. The key to orchids is to not water too much and to always let the water drain away completely so good drainage is essential.

Other easy-care plants are:

The ZZZ plant
Heartleaf Philodendron ( another nice name)
Schefflera umbrella tree
Snake Plant

The Palmers Team

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